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News from Talent Insight Solutions Directors Kylie Ellwood & Dr Anna Blackman

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  • Trip to Samoa
  • Welcome to our new Extended DISC Practitioners and Consultants
  • Leadership Program for Costplan
  • Queensland AI Summit
  • QLD Small Business Workforce Grant – $5000
  • New Report – Retention & Motivation

A Message From Kylie and Anna

September was another great month of networking and expanding our connections both within Australia and across the Pacific. We were lucky enough to travel to Samoa and be hosted by the wonderful team at Onelook Studios where we got to work with them at their hub and where introduced to business owners, organisations, government representatives and chambers that work across Apia. We have also been busy with developing training courses and continuing to service businesses in the area of Extended DISC – helping individuals to learn about different behavioural styles, how people like to communicate and make decisions and adapt to change. September saw us launch a partnership with Costplan Group to deliver a two year tailored leadership program for their emerging leaders based across the UK, Australia and PNG.  

Visiting Samoa   

In September Dr Anna Blackman and Kylie Ellwood travelled to one of our partner nations – Samoa. We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to travel to Apia and work with Onelook Studio co-owners Olisana Mariner-Hughes and Okalani Mariner and their team. During our week long trip we got to visit a number of different sights and also meet with different representatives from local business owners to government and chamber officials as well as organisations working within the sporting industry.

Thank you to the following people for meeting with us:

  • Shelley Burich Vanilla famer from Vaoala Vanilla, entrepreneur and Indigenous coach
  • Lita Lui CEO Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc
  • Leata Alaimoana Queensland Trade Commissioner for the Pacific International Operations, Trade and Investment Queensland
  • Taupa’u Alex Mikaele Regional Manager Pacific Australia Sports Hub
  • Eka Arp Communications Assistant Pacific Australia Spors Hub
  • Tiresa Poe Private Sector Partnerships Coordinator, Australian High Commission
  • Natanya Potoi-Ulia Samoa Medical & Anti-Doping Agency
  • Dr Belladonna Potoi Samoa Medical & Anti-Doping Agency
  • Roy Lagolago PACER Plus – Head of PACER Plus Implementation Unit

First for the Pacific – Certified Extended DISC Practitioner

Welcome Okalani Mariner

We are thrilled to announce that we have our first Accredited Extended Practitioner in the Pacific.  We welcome Okalani Mariner of OneLook Studio to our growing team of Certified Practitioners and Consultants.  Okalani is excited to be launching this service to organisations in the Pacific combining the tool with local knowledge and culture.  

If you are in the Pacific and looking for support with this tools, please contact us to schedule a discovery call.

Congratulations to our newly accredited Extended DISC Practitioners

CONGRATULATIONS to the following participants who have successfully completed Level 1 Extended DISC Practitioner training with Master Trainer Kylie Ellwood. We look forward to supporting you on your journey.  

Jenni Dillon, Okalani Mariner, Jenn Wallace, Ian Moss, Rod Francisco, Leanne Brock

QLD Small Business Grant for HR Services

Are you a small or medium-sized business based in Queensland? Good news! The Queensland Government is offering a generous $5,000 in funding through the Workforce Connect Fund to supercharge your business.

Ready to seize this opportunity?   We are your recognised HR consultants, and we’re here to make it happen. Contact us today, and let’s kickstart your application for a brighter business future! 📞🌅

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Costplan Group engages TIS to deliver bespoke 2 year Coaching and Leadership program.

We are excited to announce our partnership to design and deliver a two year Coaching and Leadership Program with Costplan’s emerging leaders from the UK, PNG and Australia.  TIS  originally engaged with Costplan’s Group Director, Aaron Tomsett one year ago to conduct a review. This led to the insight to build a business that empowers employees through personal development, starting with the leadership team.  Fast forward to September 2023 and this month saw us launch the leadership program for staff within Costplan! This program has been designed with 12 learning modules and individual coaching sessions for participants over a two year period. The program is flexible allowing for additional modules to be added, extra reports to be conducted and additional coaching sessions for staff on the leadership program and additional coaching available for all staff at Costplan. Costplan leading the way and showing they truly do believe in the development and education of their employees.

If you would like to discuss your organisations leadership strategy and see if we can assist you to align your business goals and support your team, please schedule complimentary consultation with us.  

Queensland AI Summit

Our Director’s, Dr Anna Blackman and Kylie Ellwood are continuously seeking new ways to optimise business and with AI being a current and thriving topic for business, what better way to learn than immerse in the Queensland AI Hub inaugural AI Summit at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre.  Dr Anna and Kylie heard from various experts on all things AI. To name a few #Canva #VALD #Splash #OpenAI #GoogleCloud #CSIRO #SAP #FastAI #Lumachain

Key topics ranged from designing to building AI applications, it was inspiring to learn what different organisations are doing in the field and the support that is out there for SME’s in the space of AI.

Did You Know?

According to a study conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the ICF, the average ROI for companies investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment and a 2017 survey by the ICF found that 70% of individuals who have engaged in coaching saw improvements in their work performance, communication skills, and relationships.

Coaching | Talent Insight Solutions

NEW Retention and Motivation Report

We’d like to introduce you to the new Retention and Motivation Report.

This is a report for managers, which has been designed specifically to help them boost employee job satisfaction and retain their valued staff. The report provides practical tips and insights for motivating and growing an individual employee, containing information about strengths, motivators, communication styles, stressors and stress relief. It aims to empower a manager to make adjustments to achieve a more positive workplace and more satisfied staff.

Download a Sample Report

Client Testimonials

Kim Davie Dip. FMBM, MBA – Finance Specialist | MoneyQuest Carnegie

“I have used Kylie twice now and will continue to use her for assisting me in hiring staff. The cost of onboarding staff and getting it wrong far outweighs the any costs in using Kylie. Both my employees have been great team members but what helped was the knowledge that Kylie was able to give me to before they started to know what motivates them, where their strengths are and where they might struggle so I can be aware of this from the start to help and support them and build the team knowing this. I would not hesitate to use recommend Kylie to anyone considering bringing in a team member to ensure they are the right fit for you and your team.”

How can we help you?

We can support your business through all stages of your HR Lifecycle and strategically design a program to help you recruit, retain and re-energise you and your staff.  If you would like to know more about our services, schedule a free consultation with us to help us understand your business.

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Anna & Kylie

Anna & Kylie

We love sharing our insights in the leadership, personal development and recruitment industries. With our industry leading expertise in Extended DISC, we provide a unique and comprehensive view on how to bring awareness to your true skills so that you can perform your best not just at work but also in life. Change happens at the top. We find that teams and entire businesses perform better when leadership development is brought into focus.

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