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Sales Competence Assessment

Talent Insight Solutions works hand-in-hand with sales training groups and consultants all over Australia. These partners often face difficulties in keeping clients and growing their earnings. By using our Sales Competence tool, consultants can retain clients for longer, open up new revenue streams, and give their clients new and useful advice.

We provide concrete insights across 18 key sales competences, measuring current competence levels, underlying Sales Mindsets, and the Sales Excuse Index. Boost your team’s performance and journey towards success with our comprehensive assessment tool.

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Identify your Sales Mindset

Mindsets serve as the foundational elements of the 18 sales competences. They play a pivotal role in enhancing sales performance by targeting and mitigating self-defeating beliefs. By understanding their attitude towards crucial sales behaviours, mindsets assist sales professionals in refining their approach for better outcomes.


Measure the Excuse Index 

The Talent Insight Solutions Sales Competence Assessment gauges an individual’s Excuse Index, providing a measure of a salesperson’s tendency to procrastinate on crucial tasks that are directly tied to successful sales outcomes.


Gain Awareness by Evaluating your Team

Assess your sales team against the 18 competences that are critical to being successful in a sales focused role.

The 18 competences covered in the assessment measure:

Recruit your Sales Team 

Talent Insight Solutions Sales Competence Assessment serves as a crucial tool in recruiting the most suitable salespeople for your organisation. By providing an exact percentage match between a candidate and a specific sales role, it aids in the formation of a strong, high-performing sales team that aligns with your business objectives. Furthermore, it determines whether a candidate is more inclined towards selling a product or service based on the customer’s needs – whether they are latent or expressed. This comprehensive understanding allows your organisation to optimally pair each salesperson with the sales cycle length and sales relationship type that best suits their skills.

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