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Talent Insight Solutions – helping people understand people 

Anna and Kylie are the founding partnership of Talent Insight Solutions.  Whilst the partnership commenced in 2019, the partnership extends beyond the business all the way back to high-school.

The organisation brings together evidenced based research and business experience in start-ups and corporate environments to provide you with years of learning, growth, business acumen and experience

Kylie’s Story

Co-Founder of Talent Insight Solutions and several family owned businesses (Ellwood Installations, XFire Games). Kylie started her initial coaching business, Designer Mindset in 2009 upon the basis of a vision to be successful in a corporate and entrepreneurial world, whilst supporting her growing family (Life on her terms). Her business has adapted into a partnership with Dr Anna Blackman under the current business, Talent Insight Solutions (formerly Insight Collective Group). The business has been operating for 18 months.

Her passion is working with individuals and teams to provide insight into the connection to self. Understanding, educating and adapting emotions and behaviours to enhance recruitment, engagement, retention and growth. Kylie works with organisations utilising a range of tools to provide real time insights and data to identify gaps, map training requirements, training design and delivery aligned with the corporate strategy.

Anna’s Story

Dr Anna Blackman is the Co Founder of Talent Insight Solutions and has an outstanding academic background. Over the last two decades, Anna has extensively studied, taught and published about business coaching, human resources and business management, plus rural and regional leadership. Online teaching and learning, as part and parcel of modern university life, is also one of Anna’s specialties. While making waves in academia, Anna’s true love is in the hands-on, industry-based side of her work where theory comes alive in the realities of organisational practice. She also has a decade of experience in running and managing small businesses. Her goal is always to help organisations find the best way to develop people and link them to the skills they need for success. Anna holds a PhD in business coaching, and is an Extended DISC Consultant, an Australian HR Insititute (AHRI) Certified Practitioner Fellow, AHRI Queensland State Councillor and is the Vice President of Research for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Asia Pacific Region.

Anna’s Publications

Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific

Co-authored by Dr Anna Blackman, Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific is the first book to put coaching and mentoring into an Asia Pacific context – exploring the challenges, benefits and differences in application, both in concept and practice.


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