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Leader Insight

Empowered, confident leaders create
positive, effective teams. The most
effective leaders in history are individuals
who emphatically embrace their own unique
strengths and styles. These leaders know
how to cultivate and amplify their gifts, while
fortifying their blind spots. They position team
members intuitively and make decisions with
confidence. Your leaders have the potential to
do the same. The key is ‘knowing yourself’, and
Talent Insight Solutions have the tools to get
your leaders there.

Why Get Insights?

Leader Insights is the perfect program for ambitious leaders and managers who want to increase their effectiveness, cut out
the noise around how they should and shouldn’t be leading and want to teach their team to do the same.

You and your leadership team will be empowered to act on science-backed, intuitive insights, resulting in:

The Impact on Business

A leader with self-awareness is the leader that can effectively reinvigorate their team, improve results and become an inspirational role model.
Teams that are led by confident, emotionally intelligent and empowered leaders are characterised by:

Improved customer satisfaction

Increased staff retention

Enhanced team culture

Increased performance



We get to know you, your business, your leaders and needs


Psychometric Tests.

We invite nominated leaders to participate in a Behavioural Profile, Lead Insights report, and 360 Feedback.


Intuitive Reports.

We give you the results of our testing – potential reports include a Leadership Report, Communication Report, Change Management, or 360 Report.


Succession Planning.

We work strategically with you to identify and develop future leaders for all roles and levels within your organisation.



We work on individual needs and goals with executive coaching.


Professional Development.

As a true business partner, we provide tailored training and development for your leadership team.

Leaders look after their people

If you’re in a leadership position and you want to affect change in your team or build your workplace culture, check out our Team Insight and Culture Insight packages.

Culture Insight
Shape your organisations character and identity 
Team Insight
Define how your team operates, communicates and collaborates to achieve goals
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