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At Talent Insight Solutions, we extend our expertise across a spectrum of industries, including recruitment, human resources, and sales. Our distinctive approach incorporates science backed tools that unlock a deeper understanding of individual and team dynamics. We empower organisations to align their talent strategy with their business goals, leading to improved performance and success. Whether you’re hiring new talent or developing existing team members, we’re here to offer solutions that make a tangible difference. Let’s transform your talent insights into business results together!

Business Leaders & Executives

Learn to create meaningful impact in your organisation by using our Leader Insights program. Lead the way you were meant to using our science backed tools.

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Receive an Internationally recognised qualification in the world’s most intelligent assessment system with access to ‘off the shelf’ report templates, case studies, blogs, webinars and training support. Access to the FinxS platform to manage client reports with free training to maximise the system. Receive wholesale pricing, with the ability to incentivise staff sales and generate a business profit.

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Human Resources

Becoming accredited in the delivery and interpretation of psychometric  assessment reports gives you a greater understanding of your staff. Learn how to communicate and manage relationships for peak performance whilst building a strong team culture.

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Our Recruit Insight package gives you support during the recruitment process. We’ll peel back the curtain and provide insight into how your new team member will operate in your team, your workplace and their position – so you can make smart hires ahead of your competition

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Amplify your sales team’s skills. Our offerings encompass sales-centric professional growth and certification initiatives. Unleash the power of your sales team to morph into assured, triumphant individuals capable of spearheading prosperous revenue-driving units. Unveil their forte, tackle their areas of improvement, and liberate their complete potential with our all-encompassing solutions.

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