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Accredited Training

Explore an array of accredited training opportunities at Talent Insight Solutions. Embark on our Sales Competence Training and master the art of persuasive communication. Dive into Reasoning Analysis to unveil candidates’ potential for critical roles. Become certified with our Extended DISC Practitioner Training, enabling effective personality assessment. Or, scale new heights in organisational development with our Extended DISC Consultant Training. Fill out our form and elevate your skills with our top-tier training programs. Welcome to a journey of growth and excellence!

Advance Your Career with Our Accredited Training Courses

Our accredited training courses are designed to empower individuals to take control of their career trajectories, develop essential skills, and enhance their marketability in a constantly evolving professional landscape. We offer a diverse range of subjects and sectors, from leadership enhancement and strategic communication to specific technical skills across various industries. Participants can select from a comprehensive assortment of tailored short courses, dynamic workshops, comprehensive seminars, and flexible online options, all designed to meet their unique needs and schedules. This approach allows individuals to seamlessly integrate training into their busy lives, promoting personal growth, reflective practice, networking opportunities, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Accredited Training 

Our expertise in coaching and our proficiency with the Extended DISC model position us as the premier choice for your accredited training needs. We boast an extensive catalogue of courses that encompass all the critical skills required to excel in your professional journey. Whether you are looking to sharpen your leadership abilities, enhance your communication skills, or gain specific technical knowledge, our accredited training programs provide the essential tools and insights to propel your career forward.


Learn from one of the Best 

Kylie Ellwood, Co-Founder of Talent Insight Solutions is one of only 10 master trainers in Australia. Master Trainer status enables Talent Insight Solutions to provide Accreditation Training courses to consultants and HR Professionals.