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Recruit Insight

Recruiting the right person will expand your business’s capacity and take your operations to the next level. But the recruitment process can be overwhelming for a small business owner. How do you see through the curated resumes and short interviews?

Our Recruit Insight package gives you support during the recruitment process. We’ll peel back the curtain and provide insight into how your new team member will operate in your team, your workplace and their position – so you can make smart hires ahead of your competition.

Insights with Impact

With Recruit Insights you will receive data insights and not just gut insights. We provide insights to ensure you are employing the right person for the role and your team. We guide you on how to communicate and manage the relationship for peak performance whilst building a strong team culture. We work with you to offer a solution that focuses on job competencies, personality and behaviours that best fit your business

Aptitude Tests
An aptitude test is used to assess job specific skills and can reveal insights about a person’s speed, accuracy, processing, development needs and more. Too often employees are hired simply on personality, rather than their actual fit for the job.

As we understand your business, we’ll help you choose the right aptitude tests that align to your specific job requirements. This will give you a clear picture of each applicant’s capabilities and help you make the right decisions.
Psychometric Tests
Psychometric tests are designed to provide insights into a person’s mental capabilities, behaviour, personality, and communication. These assessments will help you see through charisma to identify which applicants will work the best in certain situations, or with your current team.

Candidates Receive:

You Receive:

  • Debrief session with one of our Qualified Consultants
  • Participant reports
  • Their personal report (eDISC or SEIP)
  • Recruit Insights overview to help you see the bigger picture and make smart recruitment decisions

The Right Solutions

The Talent Insight Solutions team has years of experience matching the right tests and assessments to job requirements and team needs. As accredited coaches and trainers we have the training and systems to sift through the noise and go past just a ‘gut feel’ about recruiting. When you work with Talent
Insight Solutions, you’ll have confidence to recruit knowing that you have science-backed theory at the heart of your selection process.

How We Work



We get to know you, your business, your goals and needs.



We give a proposal of the assessments and services we think will give you the clearest picture for recruitment.



Nominated candidates will receive invitations to complete their assessments.



Our consultants debrief with candidates after they’ve completed their assessments.



We provide insights and feedback to help you compare and select your new hire.

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Recruit Insight

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