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Assessments and Reports

Talent Insight Solutions offers workplace assessments that enable businesses to make informed hiring decisions and effectively develop their talent. These assessments go beyond traditional methods of evaluation, providing insights into an employee’s behavioural traits, strengths, and learning potential. 

We offer various types of workplace assessments that are tailored to the unique needs of each organisation. 

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Benefits of Assessments and Reports

Behavioural assessments are valuable tools for all aspects of an organisation. They can help reduce employee turnover, improve communication and interpersonal skills, and develop motivated and productive employees. By using assessments, organisations can effectively leverage the strengths of their employees to enhance overall performance and bottom line results.

Assessing human behaviour and its impact on organisational success can be a complex challenge. However, comparing assessment and recruitment results with variables such as job performance, turnover, engagement, and productivity can help HR departments quantify human potential and drive success.

At Talent Insight Solutions, we offer valid and reliable workplace assessments that are designed to be objective and unbiased. Our assessments are reliable in predicting people’s behaviours and potential performance, making them an excellent tool for employers looking to maximise their human capital.

How could you use assessments and reports?

Recruitment & Hiring

Recruitment & Hiring

Assessments and reports aid in evaluating a candidate's behavioural traits, screening out unsuitable candidates, predicting job performance, identifying areas for development, and facilitating effective communication in the recruitment process.
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Team Building

Team Building

Businesses can assign tasks based on the natural behavioural preferences of team members while utilising feedback channels such as 360-degree feedback to identify and remove behaviours that impede cohesion.
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Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture

Workplace culture surveys enable organisations to collect feedback directly from employees, which helps identify areas for improvement, foster a thriving workplace culture, and promote a collaborative work environment.
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Types of Assessments

Extended DISC Assessments

Extended DISC helps to optimise employee performance, improve teamwork, enhance communication, and foster development.

Sales Competence Assessment

The assessment is created to improve and simplify the learning process by identifying strengths and weaknesses across crucial sales competencies.

Reasoning Analysis

The FinxS Reasoning Analysis is created to assess and appraise an individual's reasoning abilities across nine distinct areas necessary in a professional setting.


Surveys are a great way for organisations to gather information anonymously from a specified group of respondents or everyone from an organisation

360 Feedback

Using a 360 feedback assessment offers distinct benefits compared to traditional performance appraisals.

Social Emotional Intelligence Profile

SEIP measures emotional intelligence skills to provide insights for individuals and organisations to improve relationships, communication, and decision-making.

Team Assessments

Team assessments can be used for conflict resolution, building and developing teams, assessing team culture, and optimising work pairs.