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We solve people problems with intelligent insight.

Talent Insight Solutions is led by eDISC Master Trainer Kylie Ellwood and Dr Anna Blackman, whose expertise include Coaching, Human Resource Management, Business and Project Management, Rural and Regional Leadership and Technology for Innovative Teaching techniques. We combine the best of business and academic qualifications and leadership to solve problems and set your business up for success. We have over 50 years combined experience within our organisation and draw on the knowledge of our large group of facilitators and mentors.

At Talent Insight Solutions, we pride ourselves on being partners you can trust to understand your organisation’s needs and deliver in a way that surprises, delights and produces real-world results.

You can be secure in knowing that our highly developed organisation has all insurances for our company and facilitators in place, including cyber security. We back all of this up with our developed Workplace Health and Safety, Environmental policy plan, along with all of our companies policies and procedures that align to your organisation. These can be provided upon request.

Talent Insight Solutions combines evidence-based methods with experienced, accredited coaches and trainers to provide insights to engage, educate and empower you and your staff for recruitment, retention and career development.

Our facilitators are qualified and certified in a range of behavioural assessments and tools and have experience working in a wide range of industries locally and internationally. Some of our tools include: Extended DISC, 360 Feedback, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring.

Our Vision

To be an international consultancy helping people to understand the human factor, no matter the size of their business. We operate authentically and ethically, empowering businesses with the confidence to develop and grow.

Work with a multi-award winning team

The Talent Insight Solutions team has years of experience and won multiple awards for their efforts. Our greatest asset is the combination of academic and experiential understanding. Dr Anna Blackman has 20 years of academic experience in fields such as Human Resources, Leadership, Executive and Business Coaching and Business Management as well as many others. Kylie Ellwood has 20 years of experience working in corporate and small business development. As one of only 10 extended DISC Master Trainers in Australia, Kylie has reached an elite level of behavioural understanding through the Extended DISC framework.

Our Values

We focus on people first

While we use diagnostic tools, we also understand that people are the beating heart of any business, and people aren’t always as black-and-white as a piece of paper.  We see the human behind the report and we work to understand and empower people.

We believe in authenticity

We believe in transparency, genuineness and honesty. We build genuine relationships with people by inspiring trust and fostering a positive environment. We work with a long-term focus on organisational goals, with the ability to inspire people to succeed.

We want to be known as hard-working

When we connect with a client, we give you 100% of our attention.

We are intellectually humble

Talent Insight Solutions is backed by unquestionable expertise, but we’re not superior. We’re honest and open. We connect with people in a personal way and are inclusive and warm. We’re in touch and relevant.

Our programs support business in


Using our proven methods you can be confident that you have the right people who work well together for your organisation and are valuable assets of your team.

Professional Development

Identify training gaps for staff, build capabilities, engage and support staff, boost performance and team cohesion


Learn from real-world experience, contextualising an otherwise generic assessment and making it real, providing follow-up support


Have confidence, feel empowered, move towards personal change, partner with someone who has experience, truly learn how to make a change and what causes success

How we work with you

We are open and honest and we will provide tools that will ensure your team’s development and retention. We recognise, your people are important and your organisation’s most valuable asset. We consult with you to understand your business goals and intentions and provide you with our engagement proposal of services.


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