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Extended DISC Practitioner Training

Unearth behavioural patterns with our Extended DISC or eDISC assessment training at Talent Insight Solutions. This psychological tool enables you to understand individual behaviour in professional environments. Utilise it to assess and predict a candidate’s compatibility and effectiveness in any role. Find training dates to start your journey with our accredited eDISC training. Harness the power of behavioural assessment for optimal talent placement. Welcome to a transformative learning experience!

Become an Accredited Extended DISC Practitioner

Accredited Extended DISC Practitioner training workshop propels HR professionals and consultants towards proficiency in Extended DISC. Immerse yourself in our dynamic learning environment, quickly amplifying your skills and abilities, ready to offer your clients the benefits of Extended DISC.

What you will learn

Equipped with the comprehensive understanding of Extended DISC, you will empower individuals to unlock their full potential. By helping them recognize their unique strengths, you will enable them to leverage those strengths for success. Simultaneously, you will provide insights into areas of improvement, facilitating their personal and professional growth journeys.

Use behavioural profiles to inform the hiring process, matching candidates to specific role requirements.
Identify and address emotional issues affecting behavior using Extended DISC assessments.
Foster self-awareness by helping individuals understand their behavior, personality traits, and communication styles through eDISC assessments.
Highlight differences in communication styles and behavioral traits to identify potential sources of conflict.
Facilitate team formation by creating balanced and effective teams with complementary skills and traits.

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