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Welcome to Talent Insight Solutions’ Extended DISC training courses. Our Level 1 and Level 2 programs offer a comprehensive journey from basic principles to advanced applications of behavioral assessment tools. Dive into the world of Extended DISC and eDISC to enhance your talent management skills, predict performance, and transform your approach to talent placement. Join us to unlock powerful insights into human behavior and elevate your expertise in organizational development.

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Become an Accredited Extended DISC Practitioner

Accredited Extended DISC Practitioner training workshop propels HR professionals and consultants towards proficiency in Extended DISC. Immerse yourself in our dynamic learning environment, quickly amplifying your skills and abilities, ready to offer your clients the benefits of Extended DISC.

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Become an Accredited Extended DISC Consultant

Advance your qualification to become a certified Level Two Extended DISC Consultant providing you skills in the world’s most advanced consulting tool. Dive into the five module business system and the application of the Extended DISC Assessment Suite to empower you and your clients to identify real solutions to human resource issues enabling organisations to get the best from people, improve performance and business capabilities.

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