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Talent Insight Solutions offers the ability to assess and enhance your sales team’s capabilities. We provide sales-focused professional development and accreditation programs. Empower your sales team to become confident, successful professionals who create thriving revenue-generating teams. Discover their strengths, address weaknesses, and unlock their full potential with our comprehensive solutions.

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Find the Strength of your Sales Team with Sales Assessments

Sales Competence Assessments are designed specifically for sales people. The questionnaire asks respondents to answer while thinking of their current sales role. The results of the assessment will indicate an individual or teams strengths and weaknesses.

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Develop the Skills of your Sales Team

Unlock the full potential of your sales team with our industry recognised professional develop and accredited courses. We offer training both online and in person. Our pricing includes group rates so that you can train the whole team.

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Become a qualified Sales Trainer

Becoming accredited in the delivery and interpretation of sales assessment reports gives consultants an edge over their competitors. Provide more value than ever to your clients by educating them on the benefits of using Sales Assessments combined with Extended DISC®.

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Sales Training Courses

Our sales training is industry recognised and a great way to continually develop your skills. Training is delivered both online and in person to give you maximum convenience. Equip your sales personnel with the skills they need to succeed, book your professional development training online with us today.

Become a Certified Sales Competence Facilitator

Gain comprehensive qualifications in interpreting and debriefing Sales Competence Assessments.

Master the application of Sales Competence Assessments for both hiring new talent and honing the skills of your existing salesforce. Dive into the 18 Sales Competencies, Sales Mindsets, Job Roles, and the Excuse Index, gaining a robust understanding of how these can be deployed in the workplace.

Extend your capabilities by integrating Extended DISC® Assessments with the Sales Competence Assessment, taking your proficiency to unparalleled heights.

What you will learn

Become accredited in the delivery and interpretation of Sales Competence. Take your understanding to the next level and provide even more value for your clients by combining Sales Competence Assessments with Extended DISC® behavioural profiling.


We get to know you, your business, your goals and needs.


Nominated candidates will receive invitations to complete their assessments.


We give a proposal of the assessments and services we think will give you the clearest picture for recruitment.


Our consultants debrief with candidates after they’ve completed their assessments.


We provide insights and feedback to help you compare and select your new hire.


Nominated candidates will receive invitations to complete their assessments.

Discover our cutting-edge solution for sales advancement and coaching
Learn to utilise the assessment results for team-building applications
Earn a certification that enables you to independently analyse assessment results
Amplify the impact of your sales enhancement programs
Implement the Sales Competence Development and Recruitment Assessments in coaching and consultancy scenarios
Gain insights into making more dependable hiring choices

What our clients say

Talent Insight Solutions are proud to share the experiences of our valued clients through their testimonials. These testimonials serve as a testament to the transformative impact of our programs and training.

I recently completed the Level 1 Extended Disc training...

Kylie, who facilitated the course, was excellent. She has an enormous amount of knowledge in this area and was able to explain the concepts and requirements simply and clearly so that everyone was able to grasp them easily.

Kylie continues to make herself available for any of my ongoing questions and I am grateful for the help she provides. I’ve learnt so much in such a short amount of time.

Thanks Kylie. I appreciate all the support you have given me.

Arch, Brisbane
Helped me understand my behaviuoral style....

Anna Blackman from Talent Insight Solutions completed my DISC assessment to help me understand my behavioural style and I highly recommend her! Anna was great and made the process so easy to understand, she took the time to explain what DISC was and where I fit in it.

It’s given me a good understanding of where my strengths are, where my high stresses come from and a realisation in what tasks expend most of my energy at work. Would highly recommend Anna’s services to companies of all sizes.

Lachlan, Brisbane

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