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Extended DISC Consultant Training

Unleash the Power of Extended DISC Level Two Training and become an Accredited Extended DISC Consultant at Talent Insight Solutions. Our comprehensive program empowers you to uncover behavioral patterns using Extended DISC and eDISC assessments, enabling you to assess and predict candidate compatibility and effectiveness in any role. Join our transformative learning experience, choose from our upcoming training dates, and gain the expertise needed to revolutionise talent placement strategies. Elevate your career and make a profound impact on talent management practices as a trusted Accredited Extended DISC Consultant. Welcome to a transformative journey at Talent Insight Solutions.

Become an

Accredited Extended DISC Consultant

Advance your qualification to become a certified Level Two Extended DISC Consultant providing you skills in the world’s most advanced consulting tool. Dive into the five module business system and the application of the Extended DISC Assessment Suite to empower you and your clients to identify real solutions to human resource issues enabling organisations to get the best from people, improve performance and business capabilities.

What you will learn

As an accredited Extended DISC consultant, you will possess the tools and knowledge to help individuals and organisations identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth. You can guide clients in understanding their behavioural patterns, preferences, and how these impact their personal and professional lives.

Use behavioural profiles to inform the hiring process, matching candidates to specific role requirements.
Identify and address emotional issues affecting behavior using Extended DISC assessments.
Foster self-awareness by helping individuals understand their behavior, personality traits, and communication styles through eDISC assessments.
Highlight differences in communication styles and behavioral traits to identify potential sources of conflict.
Facilitate team formation by creating balanced and effective teams with complementary skills and traits.

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