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Team Insight

A football coach doesn’t always get to pick the players on their team, but they know how to position the players to lead the whole team to victory. That’s what a manager can do for a workplace, and it’s not easy.

A high functioning team is a product of understanding the unique talents, needs and styles of individuals and how to use these differences to your advantage.

Insights with Impact

Job Satisfaction

Creativity and innovation

Maximised natural skills

Healthy team culture

Team members you can count on

What You Receive with Team Insights

With Team Insights you will walk away with an easy-to-use framework to maximise the potential of your team, understand complex issues quickly and solve problems. We provide solutions to develop your team with assessments and training that focus on personality, behaviours and social and emotional intelligence.

Employees Receive:

You Receive:

  • Debrief session with one of our Qualified Consultants
  • Individual and/or Team Assessments to help you dive deeper in understanding your employees
  • Their personal report (eDISC or SEIP)
  • The Big Picture to help make ‘people decisions’ with confidence and clarity
  • Insights based on your unique team assessments on the best ways to increase productivity, maximise skills within your group, reduce conflict and improve team culture

What You Receive with Team Insights

The Talent Insight Solutions team has years of experience matching the right tests and assessments to team needs. As Extended DISC and Social and Emotional Intelligence coaches consultants, we have the training and systems to sift through the noise and go past just a ‘gut feel’ about building high functioning teams. Whether you are recruiting a new employee
into your team, developing team strengths or identifying training gaps, when you work with Talent Insight Solutions, you’ll have confidence knowing that you have science-backed theory at the heart of every decision.

How We Work



We get to know you, your business, your goals and needs.



We give a proposal of the tools and services we think will give us the clearest picture of your team and allow us to create the best value for you.



Your team will receive invites to complete their assessments.



Our consultants debrief with participants after they’ve completed their assessments.



We provide insights and feedback to give you a clear picture of your team and the way they work. We will help you identify coaching and professional development opportunities and will increase your organisational awareness.

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