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Culture Insight

Culture is like wind. While seemingly unseen, it moves your organisation powerfully in whatever direction it travels. With employees at work for roughly 2,000 hours every year, it’s no wonder that workplace culture plays

a critical role in productivity, job satisfaction and retention. Talent Insight Solutions has the tools to help you ‘harness the wind’, so that your workplace culture will move your organisation towards success

Insights with Impact

Talent Insight Solutions can provide tailored surveys, tests and interviews
to help your leaders understand your organisation. Once you’ve defined the culture, you have the power to transform culture across the board or hone in and change specific aspects. We offer science-backed tests and assessments, giving you real evidence on what’s under the surface in your organisation. What does this mean? You can make culture decisions with confidence, free from assumptions and bias.

By providing insights on team communication, motivation, frustration points, barriers and engagement styles, your organisation can expect to see:

Insights Unique to You

Our Culture Insight tools are the perfect partner for your HR team. While we have powerful pre-designed tests for the busy organisation, we can also create fully customised, action-orientated workplace surveys that measure employee engagement, commitment and satisfaction, the organisational climate and customer satisfaction aligned with the company benchmark.

“The culture of a company is the sum of the behaviours of all its people”

– Michael Kouly, World Bank Fellow and senior international executive in global leadership.

How We Work



We get to know you, your business, your goals and needs.



We give a proposal of the tools and services we think will give us the clearest picture of your team and allow us to create the best value for you.



Your team will receive invites to complete their assessments.



Our consultants debrief with participants after they’ve completed their assessments.



We provide insights and feedback to give you a clear picture of your team and the way they work. We will help you identify coaching and professional development opportunities and will increase your organisational awareness.

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