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identifies those competences that an athlete should focus on

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Professional or semi-professional athletes and coaches

What is Athlete Insight?

Sport Insight Assessments include an Athlete and Coach report. These reports provide data insights which identify and measure skill and behavioural competences to develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness and performance adjustments for consistent high-level performance in training and competition environments. The Athlete and Coach Insight reports are designed for elite or semi-professional athletes and their coaches. The reports provide real time data insights into key competences for the athlete to optimise results, performance, team culture and team communication.

What are Sports Competences

Sport Insight Assessment Reports are intuitive, measuring 18 competences based on natural behavioural preferences and to an extent learned behaviours that create a competitive advantage for an athlete to reach the top. The assessment identifies those competences that an athlete should focus on to reach their goals and include:

Who is it for?
What do Sport Competences measure?
Sports Index

Measures the athletes competence strength level and awareness to gain efficiency and competitive advantage

Training Index

Measures those competences that are related to the training environment.

Competitive Index

Measures how stong the athleteconsiders the competences relatingto the competition enivronment.

Talent Insight Solutions

The Right Solutions

The Talent Insight Solutions team has years of experience matching the right tests and assessments to job requirements and team needs. As accredited coaches and trainers we have the training and systems to sift through the noise and go past just a ‘gut feel’ about recruiting. When you work with Talent Insight Solutions, you’ll have confidence to recruit knowing that you have science-backed theory at the heart of your selection process.

For Athletes

Our Athlete’s Report provides feedback for the athlete on specific areas for coaching and development Each team members’ strength

For Coaches

Our Coach’s Report provides feedback for the coach to analyse, support and overcome challenges that the athlete faces. Support your athlete to:


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